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Meet Michael Mastroianni

Michael has been in the education field for over 44 years. His professional experience stretches across the education and counseling spectrum, having worked as a high school counselor for the past 20 years and a college instructor at three universities.

He was the founder and executive director of an innovative private K-8 school. He worked as both an elementary and junior high teacher. He held jobs as a Boys Club counselor, hospital crisis counselor, family therapist, and Florida Division of Child Services counselor. He has written 25+ self-help articles ranging from tips on selecting the right kindergarten to the dangers of teenagers smoking marijuana.

Michael recently retired after 44 years as a teacher, counselor, principal, college instructor, and therapist. He enjoyed the stress-free life and did some traveling, but something was missing. This is why he created GetKnowledgeForCollege.com.

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