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Why Should I Consult With A Professional? Can't I Can Do This On My Own?

Yes, you can, but here are some facts to consider:

  • Admission to selective universities is tougher than ever – colleges are looking for much more than good grades.
  • We provide individual attention to you and your student – professionally, confidentially, and compassionately.
  • Most high school counselors are overwhelmed with the large number of students and added job responsibilities. We work with and support your HS counselor.
  • The cost of higher education has skyrocketed. It can be even more costly if the student transfers, loses credits or drops out!
  • State schools aren’t always the more affordable, easier-to-get-into option they once were.
  • We can help you find those schools which best fit the financial needs of your family. This includes valuable advice on applying for grants and financial aid.
  • Many families find that a private consultant improves their options and reduces stress by delivering timely insight, objectivity, strategic advice and an organized process.

What Types of Students Work With Professional College Consultants?

Get Knowledge for College clients range from “Ivy-League Hopefuls” and “Solid C Students” to students looking for a 2-year technical/vocational degree.

Based on your interests, abilities, and aspirations and achievements, Get Knowledge for College works with you to develop a personalized plan for a higher education that is right for you.

When is The Ideal Time to Begin Working With a College Consultant?

The best time to begin is when the student is ready. Some students start with a strategic planning session in the second semester of 8th grade. This approach gives the student more time to map out a 4-year HS plan, explore their goals and career options Many students begin in earnest during junior year as the pressure builds towards test scores, grades, deciding on a college, and thinking about the future.

Should The Parent Be Responsible For The College Admission Process?

We strongly encourage the student to take responsibility for managing the college admission process. This is a unique opportunity for your child to make decisions that will affect his or her future. The parents’ responsibility is to guide, encourage, and support your child. Our job is to counsel the student in exploring the many opportunities available and make well-informed decisions about which college would be the right fit.

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