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The College Search and College Application process can be daunting and overwhelming! As a parent of a high school student -- would you base one of the most important decisions of your child's life on a 15-minute conference with a high school counselor? Or a 1-hour meeting in a school cafeteria?

You will learn how - James - a highly-intelligent, gifted athlete and high school student whose dreams of getting into West Point were crushed and left this student devastated...all because his parent's made this one HUGE mistake!

Let's face it. You're going to spend between $20,000-$300,000 on college tuition. Before you do, let College Preparation Expert -- Michael Mastroianni -- give you a few valuable "knowledge-gold bars" -- so that you and your teen can begin preparing for College.

Do you have countless hours to spare -- to gain the know-how to navigate through the maze of websites, search for a college, a financial aid package OR select the right major for your child? Michael can prepare your teen to navigate the ins and outs of College Admission and Financial aid.

Lectures include:

  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes that Will Sabotage Your Child's College Admission
  • What College Admission Option is Best for Your Child
  • How to Plan for College
  • And Much, Much More

This course will introduce you to the vast expertise and knowledge of Michael Mastroianni-- who has helped THOUSANDS of high school students and their parents apply for and get accepted into colleges that best suited them. You can invest in the rest of his materials through the Get Knowledge for College Mastery program.


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