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Parents... What is your Teen Doing this Summer?


Summertime!  Dreaming of sleeping in, hanging out with friends and producing YouTube videos. Time is precious!  Plan now to use your summer time wisely, and build your extra-curricular experiences and learn new skills.                                                                                                  

Here are some summertime ideas: 

  1. Volunteer at a senior center, a children’s summer camp, or a community event.        
  1. Take a college class, or do an overseas summer exchange program.
  2. Explore your creative side by taking a class at the local arts center or theater group.
  3. Try a new physical activity (swimming, biking, bowling, etc.)
  4. Enroll in a study skills, speed reading, or computer class.
  5. Organize a family reunion.
  6. Write a family history.
  7.  Create and publish a photo book.
  8. Organize and create a mural in your community.
  9. Start a blog on a topic you care about. 


Be careful posting on social media. According to the Boston Globe, last year Harvard revoked the admission of at least 10 students for offensive Facebook posts.  

Or if you are a junior going into your senior year, you may want to take the advice of Plan4College.ME. They recommend: 

  1. Put together your resume or “brag sheet.” List your activities, community service, athletics, clubs, leadership roles, etc. 
  1. Narrow your list to 5-7 colleges. Include a reach, solid, and safety school. 
  1. Start planning ahead for paying for college. Talk with your financial planner and begin researching college costs. 
  1. Research and visit colleges. Do you want to attend a large university, small college, trade school, be close to home, or out-of-state? 
  1. Take the SAT or ACT. If you scores aren’t high enough, sign up to take the test in June or early fall. 


Or if you’re the parent of a 9th-10th grader, you may want to jumpstart your teenager’s search for a college, major, and financial aid. 

Sign up for the Get Knowledge for College Boot Camp. Normally, $44.99, it’s now FREE for a limited time.

  • Provides you with the tools and training to begin navigating the college admission process.
  • Sidesteps the 3 biggest mistakes that will absolutely sabotage your college admission. 
  • Teaches you to write a 4-year high school plan that will put your child head and shoulders above their classmates.

Summer will pass by quickly. Make a plan NOW. Expand your horizons. Life is too short.

Content provided by Guided Path and Get Knowledge for College.


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