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Do you want to attend a Liberal, Conservative, or Middle-of-the-Road College?


As you research colleges, you will hear comments about how one campus is “very liberal” or another is “conservative”, or another is “middle of the road”.  These are references to the political leanings of a college campus. Is it red (conservative), blue (liberal), or somewhere in between?

Even the most casual observer of higher education has long known that conservative professors are outnumbered by liberal ones. It has been a chaotic few years on American campuses, marked by race protests and the dis-invitation of conservative speakers. 

In a study published in Econ Journal Watch, the voter registration of faculty at 40 leading U.S. universities was investigated in the fields of Economics, History, Journalism, Law, and Psychology. They looked up 7,243 professors and found 3,623 to be registered Democrats and 314 Republican, for an overall ratio of D/R of nearly12/1. 

Times have changed. In a Washington Times article, it was found that in the field of history, liberals outnumber conservatives by 33/1 ratio, as opposed to when I was in college in 1968 where the ratio was only 3/1. Parents interested in ideological diversity for their student might find the results deeply disturbing.

How do you know what college to apply to? Here are some tips for exploring the political atmosphere on a college campus:

     1. Check out the list of college clubs. What kinds of clubs are available?  

  1. Look at the campus newspaper or campus news sites online? What are the issues? Are the issues balanced, or slanted more toward a liberal or conservative viewpoint? 
  2. Review the mission statement.  Does the college have core beliefs that favor one political perspective over another?  
  3. Check the school’s social media.  What is the Twitter and Facebook chatter covering? 
  4. What events are popular on campus?  Where do students like to gather? 
  5. Research colleges in the Guided Path link on the Get Knowledge platform using the Guided Search. Then review the social experience. 

Many colleges encourage a balanced political dialogue. After researching the school, do you feel your child would fit in?  Would it meet both you and your child’s need to find a “liberal”, “conservative” or “middle of the road” school?  

If you have any questions, I am here to help you. Schedule a free consultation.

My goal is to help you find the best college for their child and budget.




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