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Common Mistakes Most College Bound Students and Their Parents Make

The pressure seems intense.  College is just around the corner and if you are a parent of a Freshman student, you have time to begin a 4-year plan that will define what steps are needed to keep up with each year.  But we are realists.  If you are reading this and you are a parent of a Junior or Senior…you may just have a lump in your throat and feel overwhelmed and fearful your child will not have enough time to get all the paperwork done and completed in time for all the college deadlines!

No matter what grade your child is in, here are the top 3 mistakes we see both parents and students doing that hurt their chances for enrollment into a college of choice:

Failure to Plan

Each year your student is closer to graduation means more intensive work is needed to get on track and stay on track.  In the Freshman year, have your student meet with their high school counselor and develop a 4-year plan of study.  Their counselor should be looking at the courses and grades they have taken so far in elementary school.  Even though they were “placed” in the appropriate classes for their first year of high school, doesn’t mean that they can just complete their freshman year without checking into online courses (which are usually required to take prior to graduation) that are available.  Your student may not know what they have an affinity for in the way of a future career, but where are many tests and ways to measure what their interests are and what a future career path could look like when they graduate. You may be surprised how many scholarships are available for hobbies, sports, and abilities in which your student excels.  Talk to the counselor not matter WHAT grade your student is in.  They should be evaluating what is needed and where they are going to need additional classes and credits in order to graduate or even qualify for college. Keep in mind, we are also here for counseling sessions with thousands of resources at the ready.  Just book an appointment for even 15-minutes and let’s get acquainted.

Not Enough College Funds Set Aside

Life happens. We all know that it does.  Whether you have saved since your student’s birth or just started saving funds when they graduated from elementary school, most parents are shocked to find out how expensive tuition runs for even a state run school let alone an ivy league college.  No matter how much is set aside, books, tuition, living expenses, insurance, and transportation can kill a bank account.  Knowing what to play for in the way of expenses, knowing the scholarship choices at your fingertips and knowing how to check out college money opportunities at your local level is where we come into help you.  Yes, there is financial aide available but not everyone can qualify.  Sit down and look at your state for a list of scholarships.  If you live in the state of Florida, here is one of many resources to check out for scholarship options: https://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarships-by-state/florida-scholarships/

No Time Considering The Options

Take charge of your child’s education.  Go visit the local colleges, vocational colleges close by your area, and even visit your Chamber of Commerce.  You may be surprised how many Alumni members are in your neighborhood and just around the block and always ready to share their experiences and insights.  Not all students are cut out for a 4 year college or a masters program.  Know your child and their study habits and always consider the talents and abilities of your student.  There are certain colleges that have niche programs and might be the perfect fit for their personality and levels of interests. Broaden your horizons and set up a campus tour at colleges close by first.  The expand as you start learning what is of interest and what may work for your student to be happy with their surroundings and curriculum choices.

And as we always offer- let’s talk for a quick 15-minutes and help you with the first steps or even the final steps for college.  That’s why we are called Get Knowledge For College in the first place!

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