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Michael Mastroianni

Bestselling Author,
Independent Education Consultant

Michael has been in the education field for over 44 years. His professional experience stretches across the education and counseling spectrum, having worked as a high school counselor for the past 20 years and a college instructor at three universities.

He was the founder and executive director of an innovative private K-8 school. He worked as both an elementary and junior high teacher. He held jobs as a Boys Club counselor, hospital crisis counselor, family therapist, and Florida Division of Child Services counselor. He has written 25+ self-help articles ranging from tips on selecting the right kindergarten to the dangers of teenagers smoking marijuana.

Michael recently retired after 44 years as a teacher, counselor, principal, college instructor, and therapist. He enjoyed the stress-free life and did some traveling, but something was missing…

Get Knowledge for College will provide your teenager with all the tools and training to get accepted at his/her first-choice college or university. My passion for the past 25 years was to help my students get into a college, decide on a major, and pay for their education. Your child’s future is so important and worth this small investment.

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"College Planning: The Ten Biggest Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them!"

Learn about the ten biggest mistakes that can sabotage your child’s college admission, and discover the one secret that the other books ignore. The author supplies expert advice by giving examples and then providing solutions. He pulls out all the stops and gives the scoop on the real college entry game. Parents can benefit greatly from this information. If you want to get your child into the college of their dreams, you need this book. This book shows you the ONE big trick that other programs miss that will give you the BIGGEST advantage and keep you from making the BIGGEST mistake.


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This course will introduce you to the vast expertise and knowledge of Michael Mastroianni-- who has helped THOUSANDS of high school students and their parents apply for and get accepted into colleges that best suited them.

You can invest in the rest of his materials through the Get Knowledge for College Mastery program.


In this Course, College Preparation Expert -- Michael Mastroianni -- will guide you through the MAZE, nay, the JUNGLE of the College Search, College Preparation and College Admission process.

Michael will give you the ROADMAP and massively valuable "knowledge-gold bars" in this Course -- so that you and your teen can begin preparing for College NOW.



The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Child's College Admission

This FREE download from, Get Knowledge For College, will showcase the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid to ensure you don't sabotage your child's college admission. You'll be glad you downloaded such a quick, informative read!

"My passion is to help these students achieve their goals whether it’s attending a 4-year university, a 2-year college, trade school, or the military. My legacy is to not only alter these students’ lives but their childrens' as well."

-Michael Mastroianni
Founder of GetKnowledgeForCollege.com

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Conquer the ACT: Ten Strategies to Boost Your Test Scores

Michael Mastroianni gives you the top ten strategies you need in order to boost your test scores and increase your college admission value.

What Should Your Child Be Doing This Year?

Preparing for college admissions doesn't just happen overnight. In fact, students should be preparing for college throughout all four years of high school. Is your student preparing for college admissions? Click the grade of your student below, and find out if they're on track for college.

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Planificacion Universitaria

Conozca cuáles son los peores errores que pueden sabotear el ingreso de su hijo a la universidad, y descubra el secreto que otros libros no explican. El autor provee un asesoramiento especializado mostrando ejemplos y proporcionando soluciones. Él le ayudará a eliminar cualquier obstáculo y le muestra cómo se maneja realmente el proceso de ingreso universitario. Los padres pueden verse muy beneficiados con esta información. Si usted quiere que su hijo ingrese a su universidad soñada, usted necesita leer este libro. Este libro le mostrará cuál es ese GRAN secreto, que otros programas ignoran, que le dará una GRAN ventaja y lo alejará de cometer GRANDES errores...


"You have been a wonderful counselor and a great supporter. I could always rely on you for an honest answer and a positive push toward success. You have always guided me on the right path"

McCayla M

"Thanks Mr. M. for everything you did for me. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have gotten all those scholarships. You stuck by me to the very end"

Jackie V

"I never had an adult take such a genuine interest in my successes and failures. You gave me the strength and confidence to keep on trying even when success seemed hopeless. Because of you, next year I will be fulfilling my dream of going to college"

Kelli H

"Thanks for everything you have done for me during the college application process. I wanted to let you know I was accepted at Duke and the biomedical engineering program at Vanderbilt"

Ellen E

"Thanks Mr. M. Your knowledge and wisdom helped my son receive a full-ride ROTC scholarship to the Florida Institute of Technology"

Melissa W

"I want to thank you for all your help finding me scholarships. Thanks for bugging me to fill out reference letters, and applications, counseling with me, and so much more. It truly has been a blessing to have you as my guidance counselor"

M. Clough

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